Laurent Cardot
Founder & CEO


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Bethesda, MD 20817 - USA


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Laurent Cardot is the co-founder and CEO of Ariane Systems. 

He graduated from ISG Business School in Paris and also holds a master's degree in Finance from the University of Paris V.

After working as a Marketing Manager for Hewlett-Packard in California, USA, Laurent was appointed Managing Director for a Private Telecom Company in Paris for six years, where he developed strong relationships with Alcatel and Microsoft, transforming the company into one of the largest Service Integrators on the French market.

He founded Ariane Systems, the leader of self-check-in/out solutions for the Hospitality market in 2001. Laurent has been in charge of Sales, Marketing, and Product Development and achieved to make Ariane a premium supplier in the European and North American markets. 

He is a specialist in check-in/out processes, software integration, and Hospitality innovation. He continues to help young entrepreneurs by investing in and helping managing their companies. He is also an active member in various non-profit organizations such as YPO (Young President Organization) and “100.000 Entrepreneurs” where he trains young students to become entrepreneurs.

Laurent currently lives in Washington DC with his wife and three kids.