Michael Zetterlund
Chief Product Officer


23, rue Baudin
93310 Le Pré Saint Gervais


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+47 952 94 339


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Michael Zetterlund is the Chief Product Officer at Ariane. His responsibilities include the management of product development & strategic roadmap for our line of self-service products as well as leading the marketing team. 

Michael's hospitality experience comes from a long career as both a customer (hotelier) and supplier in the hospitality tech industry. 

Reach out to Michael in all marketing, partner, integration, and product development-related matters.

By the way - Michael is Swedish by origin and currently lives in Norway. He has excellent local knowledge and can help with any inquiries in regards to the Scandinavian market.


The hospitality industry needs to change in order to compete in the 21st century, and I´m helping lead the way. Michael Zetterlund