Mobile solutions are a fast and convenient way for guests to check-in and check-out with their mobile devices.

What are the advantages of a mobile solution?

No more waiting in line to check-in or check-out

Mobile check-in and check-out is a easy solution to skip the line. With everything on their mobile phone, guests can now check-in by themselves and pick up their room key in less than a minute. Pre-check-in and mobile check-in minimize the total time spent "in the lobby".


A contactless experience

Ariane offers multiple guest journeys. From pre-check-in to a 100% contactless experience, guests can choose howand where they want to check-in. It is a safer option compared to a manual check-in and out. 


Reducing cost and a increase of revenue

Help free your employees time to focus more on the guest experience. Optional additions like breakfast, early access to the room, or other upsell packages help increase your revenue.

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